The famous Toombs sausage

We are famous for our sausages, people come from all over Norwich to get there hands on them!

Freshly hand-made on the premises to our own secret recipe, these traditional sausages fly off the shelves and are as perfect for the barbecue as they are the Full English. We also offer a range of flavoured sausages as well as a gluten free variety.

Hand made sausages for home cooked food

All our sausages are hand-made on site with fresh local produce.

This means they are full of flavour, taste delicious and perfect for barbecues or the traditional Full English and sausage and mash. So when making the effort to make wholesome home cooked food don’t spoil it by using mass produced sausages!

Flavoured sausages for something a bit different

Flavoured sausages hand-made by our butchers with fresh local produce to our secret recipe.

Now there is nothing wrong with a good old, traditional sausage – but our flavoured sausages really do liven up the dinner plate! We have a range of  fabulous flavours including Chilli and Mustard. and that’s just for starters!

Fancy something a bit spicy?

Added to our list of flavoured sausages is our Hot Spanish, chorizo style, sausage.

Not something you would expect your local butcher to be producing, I’ll give you that! This spicy, chorizo style, sausage is delicious and really gives a kick to any dish – served with rice, pasta or in a salad, this sausage can make something quite bland into a gastronomic delight!