Norfolk Lamb locally sourced

Local Norfolk Lamb, from just outside Norwich

Just like our beef, our lamb is sourced from 3 miles down the road at HG Blakes. The reason we source our lamb and beef from HG Blakes is simple… because it’s the best. And with the meat travelling no more than 3 miles before it is handed over to you at our counter, you can be sure you won’t be able to find meat fresher.

Delicious shoulder of lamb

Delicious lamb shoulder, the best of the roasting joints.

Our lamb shoulder is incredible when slow roasted. Given the right amount of hanging time the lamb shoulder is full of flavour so you don’t need to add too much to it to create a fantastic dish. You can choose your shoulder of lamb in one of three ways; with the fore 1/4 bone in, the raised bone or have it removed.

Classic dish, specialist cut

A sweet juicy cut of meat, rack of lamb is so tender.

Cooked whole and sliced between the bones when served this meat creates a unique dining experience. Roast on its own, or if catering for larger number face two together with bones interweaved and serve as the classic crown roast. Rack of lamb is popular coated in a crust, of perhaps mustard, herbs and breadcrumbs before roasting.

Local lamb that just falls off the bone

The perfect treat, Lamb shank is very popular and people love it!

A meaty cut from the leg, this meat is fantastic when braised or slow cooked for a long time. Lamb shank is succulent and packed full of mouth watering flavour. During cooking the meat will become so tender it will just fall off the bone.